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Newbie to the site

Since this is the introduction section and nobody has introduced themselves yet, I guess I will be the first.

My name is Frank and I have been riding for just about 8 years now. My first bike was a 1989 Honda CBR. This is the first year of the Hurricane was renamed to the CBR. It was the great Red, White, and Blue addition.

I upgraded about 1 year later to a Suzuki Bandit 1250. The Bandit was a great bike and I'm not sure why they didn't sell better. It was a naked style sport touring bike that was basically 9 grand out the door brand new. It was a great value for a really strong bike. In September of 2008, I had a pretty bad accident on that bike. A lady ran a red light and flipped a u turn in front of me. Needless to say, I went down and the Bandit's days were over. Luckily, mine were not. Maybe I'll expand this story at another time.

My current bike is a Honda VFR800. I've always wanted one of these because it is a great mix of the bike styles I like, Sport and Sport Touring. I have always commuted on my bikes, so the comfort of the touring bike is important, but I just love the look of the sport bikes.

I'll add pictures of them all at another time. I look forward to meeting and discussing this passion for riding with you all. Please gear up and be safe!

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Hi Frank, Glad you're here!


Remember, it just takes a minute to add your favorite spot, then reap the benefits for years...

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Welcome! There's a couple Bandit 1200's on sale in the kalamazoo area and I wish I had the funds to snatch one up!

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Welcome, I'm also a newbie here. I had a 350 honda scrambler back in 1972 and that's about the extent of my biking. I'm here basically to keep this place in check as I know the admins have very little sense, of humor that is.

All posts made by me on hogspots are for fun and not meant to hurt anyone. Disclaimer done. Let the chips fall where they may.

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I am new and from the Portage area.. I will post more as I get used to the site :)

I ride a 2002 Dyna Wide Glide as you can see from the pic.. 2nd riding season on this one.. 4 riding seasons on my first .. 883 Hugger... bored to 1200.. fun :)